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Agenda de la jornada:



  Minutes and Actions from Council Meeting, Paris, 10 December 2009
Board Membership - Appointment of Rob Matthijssen as Secretary-Treasurer
Financial Report - Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet for 2009, Budget for 2010
Audit Committee - appointment of 2 members, one as Chairman
Membership - 2011 Subscription rates, termination of non-payers
Future Meetings - dates and locations including possible Asia Pacific meeting
Any Other Business


Short Break as others join (contingency for overrun of AGM)


INTUG Priority Topics (items to be confirmed at start of meeting)

  • International Mobile Position Paper, led by Danielle JACOBS, BELTUG
  • follow up of publication and actions by members
  • review of regulation re roaming charges and termination ratesBroadband Position Paper/Universal Service, led by Nick WHITE, EVP
  • review of global plans for “broadband for all”
  • discussion of implications re Network Neutrality Cloud Computing Position paper, led by Jon NEVILLE, EVUA
  • discussion of actions by members
  • review of Open Computing Alliance activities regarding interoperabilityConsumer Rights v Copyright, led by Leonard PERA, AUTELSI
  • review of global regulation/legislation re illicit file sharing, eg music Any Other Issues raised by Members


Reports on associated International Organisations

  • ICANN, IGF led by Rosemary SINCLAIR, Chairman
  • OECD, ITU and CTO led By Nick WHITE, EVP
  • EVUA and OCA led by Jon NEVILLE, EVUA


Lunch hosted by AUTELSI and Networking Break


Regional Reports

  • Europe led by Nick WHITE, EVP
  • Position Paper on Best Practice for European Framework TranspositionAsia-Pacific (APECTel) led by Rosemary SINCLAIR, Chairman
  • Americas (CITEL) from Adriana LABARDINI, ALCONSUMIDOR


Member Reports

  • Including Best Practice and Plans, Country highlights


Closing Remarks and Meeting ends



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